To have received the privilege to be the one, who found the key "through an inspired discovery" to the enigma, that everyone had hoped to do, is a dream come through. Therefore the punishing act of discriminating all publication and mentioning of such deed, is beyond any words to describe !. Anyway, I shall try my best:
Do not mistake! those did intervene in a matter decreed by fate ... Someone must be out of their minds!
Anecdote No. 01
Anecdote No. 18
Anecdote No. 22
Anecdote No. 26
Andrew Wiles on Solving Fermat: At this point you decided to work in complete isolation. You told nobody that you were embarking on a proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. Why was that?
I realized that anything to do with Fermat's Last Theorem generates too much interest. You can't really focus yourself for years unless you have undivided concentration, which (too many) spectators would have destroyed. *

NB. Now I had not a single spectator before 1985. Still I felt that the risk was to high to continue, without having my revolutionary discovery upon the Phaistos disc consolidated through an 'expedite' publication.
Anecdote No. 27
The one who lost the game is teasing the winner to play once again, but he won't play, because he won. Looser ignores the fact and continues to pass the ball to his feet. To demonstrate his ill grace to play again, winner kicks the ball out of the stadion. Looser immediately announce, that the ball is now in service once again.
N.B. If you allow yourself to break the rules you shall of course get your way all the time; but eventually this behaviour will make you the looser in the Big Game,

Anecdote No. 28
Which one is crazy? The man jumping like a kangaroo with his one hand in his mouth in the super-market, or the anonymous person in the crowd holding a pair of shears?
Do I need to tell you, that it is the scissor-man hiding in the crowd, that was nasty.
N.B. Thinks are not always, what they look like.

Anecdote No. 29
A story goes, that when Isaac Newton realised that his theory of gravity was universal after all (oval is the earth), he tried to write down the equation, but gave up, because he was shivering all over his body. Only by the aid of a helping hand from a notary, it was taken down at once.
It is said , that when F. Champollion did realise the profound connection between the cartouches Cleopatra and Ptolemy on the Rosetta stone, he fell into unconsciousness for several days. - At that time no-one questioned his inspiration.
Am I alive, or am I a shadow-beeing in a waiting room? Eureka, my decipherment is commited to paper, and dedicated to the sanctuary of Inspiration.

Anecdote No. 30
William Booth (1829-1912) the founder of the Salvation army, once carried on a controversy in the Daily Mirror. His opponent (I don't remember his name) at a point demonstrated 'the old trick', how the name of General Booth was equal to the beast'.- like Nero's. The next day Rev. W.B. retorted by showing, that the same number counted for his rivals name. (source unknown)
N.B. The air was then cleaned, because who wants the consequences for oneself under the attempt to do harm to another person, if it shall catch up with you?
Anecdote No. 31
I think it is time for an anecdote: When you climb a big tree, and pass the bottom of the Y-shape, and from the presumed more safe branch you hear a wellknown song, going -No milk today -, and you on your side take your fill of coconut milk, then you know that you were victorious. Even an ant understand.
. However the 22 stem-forms is not a two-way choice -calendar or language. It is a million way choice, which has been lied ridiculous.

How would you define a divined discovery? If you ever have had the inspiration yourself, it goes like this: In a dream by night you encounter a tree with golden leaves, and you fill up your back with the leaves. Then you go home and empty the gold in your drawer. In the coming day, you remember the dream and go to the drawer in excitement, you unlock it, and are not getting disappointed. A dream has materialized! -That is what you walk all over with your boots ...
Anecdote No. 32
Reaction 1) Telephone rings. Hello? Have you heard?, that the clue to the Phaistos disc is as simple as to define a stem, as two signs, which repeat in another signgroup. And it works! We shall do our best to keep the discoverer black-listed, and hinting some non-existing difficulties etc. Bingo! this will be the only chance in our lifetime.
N.B. If not one hundred then a thousand heads should defeat the single one. Yes, but can you rely on this to come about each time?...
[Obviously those plain persons calculated their own ability, in competition with an international community, as equal to zero!].

Reaction 2) Telephone rings: Hello, I am the Edtors friend, allow me to use five minutes of my life to help another person. I have just received a request from the lucky discoverer of the answer to the Phaistos disc, and I stand as guarantee, that this is the long-awaited turning point. So do me the favour please to announce this high priority sensation in the next volume of your periodical. It is a question of the survival of the reliability and ethics of our epoch.
Nota Bene Please, receive my message well. - Not to do so, is equal to present yourself with my achievement with no right. Doing so anyway is an act of cannibalism; hope it shall not paste.
Reaction 2a) Arriving from Greek after the excavation of the latest discovered portion of Pylos tablets in 1953, professor Blegen, as the first, overlooked and filed the findings. He was disturbed by the 641th tablet, and decided to try it with Ventris' grid. When realising its importance, because of the accordance between the determinatives and the text, the professor immediately posted a copy to the amateur philologist Michael Ventris for his information . . .
N.B. An anecdote from a prelapsarian era.

Anecdote No. 33
It was in 333 BC, when Alexander had a stay in Phrygia, that he cut the Gordian knot in half with his sword. In the same movement serving a prophecy - that he would be King of Asia Minor. The burgomaster of the town (what a freak he was! no-one remeber his name today. -damnatio memoriae-.), then suggested that him holding the sword, while Alexander was bending down upon his knees to ensure, that he really had unlayed the rope completely, (hush, hush, - and why not write a monograph about the big event, and this before any announcement, ssh, ssh), and what about the Saint-test?- SWOOPS! - Left to say. The deceased burgomaster was soon replaced by another burgomaster. - Alexander the Great was known to be very swift with his sword!
N.B. In faithful situation the hypothetical danger is just as undermining as real danger. - This meant as a warning, not an advice !!!
This precious discovery of mine had already grown ripe and ready for announcement on a great scale in 1985 . Delayments injustifiable.
Anecdote No. 34
I recall my childhood in the Kinders garten, me five years old creating with my crayons a neat piece of graphic art. Imagine an underwater scenario with a swimming Indian, who with his knife is killing a shark, that was protecting a golden treasure ... Little Amadeus next to me watching in silence the development of my adventure. Amadeus then tried to refabricate my graphics to his own piece of paper, but this was no good. His next move was then to flense my graphic account of 'Indian killing shark' into pieces with his pencil, immediately looking around, sheep-like, to catch the reaction of the nanny - was this good? Nanny, unaware of the episode, so smiling back to the cute little boy.
As you may understand, this is the second time, that I've experienced this bizarre kind of behaviour. Only this time not in the Kindergarten ...
NB! Here you got some more drawings honoured scholars, that some of you might want to tear apart.
Anecdote No. 35
I am not amused. What a catastrophe. See who is nearly breasting the tape. It is Kitrinos the chicken, ouch! Our favourite 'the pompous Kokkino' is far behind, actually it headed in the opposite direction. This is very embarrassing, as we did bet our money on that turkey. Only thing to do now; We must send out the many coloured clowns, and this is an order! The clowns shall then hollow chicken's pumpkin, ouch!, and make the audience, of most part broilers, -laugh, because they know no better, than that clowns are funny. This obstruction should then gain us time to make our man the best.
N.B. This was a story about abuse of power. An incorrect (halaal) slaughtering, I must say. - Marathon man.

Anecdote No. 36
Once upon a time emeritus professor Niels Bohrus went to see his doctor about his dyslexia. While sitting in the waiting room he first turned his head 90 degrees to the left, - there was nothing there to see, then slowly 90 degrees to the right, - nothing to see either. He then draw his conclusion: I am sitting right upon my hat!. He stood up, took his hat from the chair, and left the room with a happy smile. - Twenty minutes later he returned to the consulting room, - he forgot to see his doctor!
N.B. The area of knowledge is a constant. So if you have the flair for language, and speak seventeen different tongues, you probably suffer from dyscalculia.
Anecdote No. 61

N.B. I believe, that Paradise is that oasis, where tormentors are never let in.

To soothe one's envy by seriously obstructing another persons luck in life, should be no man's choice. Enjoy the event instead!

At begrave sine døde siges at gøre skel mellem menneske og dyr. Samvittighed og medfølelese er derfor religiøse produkter.
 Et samfund kan ikke opretholdes uden disse dyder (de lovløses samfund, hvadbehager? hvilken en utopi!). Tankevækkende for atheister, at måtte indse.