Prior to trying your strength against the Phaistos disc, you must choose to devote yourself entirely to the subject for several years, recognizing that you are up against some eminent persons of the last century as well, who independently have tried to crack this increasingly prestige-loaded riddle; unfortunately without the necessary success. - When, after many years of contemplation, you finally, as the first, obtain a sure entry to the problem, then it becomes deadly serious for you to have your discovery issued, in particular to avoid compilation, as well as other false dispositions, to take place pre print. This is just commonsense - otherwise you are left with a reduced life: no way to justify towards your surroundings the years you have spent in vain, no way to use those years for other purposes instead.- Not to mince words: if you cannot rely on a regular and honest release of an epoch-making discovery, if you are not the one, who get the experience out of your own efforts, then the psychological effect is gruesome! My results is indeed a sensation in relation to this topic: The twenty-two stem-forms 'never known of before', which apply a measuring tool for the inscription, under the unfurling of its duplicity; or the gnomonical arrangement with its overall presence of number eleven. Or simply the whole method of investigation that I've developed.
This brings me to another crucial point; the apology that I have to give to all those people, who've been devoted to this very same topic: In spite of all my efforts, I've failed to establish the necessary co-operation with any publishing house worldwide to give you access to my discovery, and perhaps have spared you some of your precious time too, are you among those, who agree in my decoding. I am very sorry, though I've done my best. Entschuldigen mich bitte, excuse moi!