It reminds me of an umbrella. Very conveinent that it is collapsible - .

Imagine that all 256 signs and thorns (apart from five epagomens: A30,A31) were originally peripherically arranged in a grand circle showing its teeth (the former absent units), but this is awkward, it gives an enourmous clay pancake with a diameter on half a meter, and with all 261-5 hieroglyphs at the rim, what a waste of space! -Uneatable-.

The spiral solves the problems of the inconvenient circle.

How would you pack a circular inscription onto a clay tablet? It has already been done in the most logical way on the disc: first in a methodical abbreviation of the wellknown elements by a third part, then by concentrating it into concentric circles and connect those into a spiral on two sides, thereby indicating its original form. A spiral is actually a collapsed circle.
The disc would then serve as a memo, a pattern for the initiated priests to recreate the great-circle of the luni-solar calendar.
Equipped with this compact model 'the Phaistos disc', a procession of priests would go to the sanctuary to hold some annual ceremony of opening the calendar season, in accordance with the disc.
In the sequel: A big bang erupted and killed the last initiated apprentice and broke the rituals for several thousand years. The Phaistos disc was rediscovered in the begining of the last century, and it has since occupied the learned society as well as many amateurs
Or if you prefer this scenario :
Imagine 22 couples from 3 tribes holding 61 weekly meetings each season If B is unavoidable detained, then A act as substitute. (B)A
All 22 couples are obliged to participate by both in at least two weekly gatherings pro anno. A further set of very complicated rules are followed strictly.
And carefully entered into the annual minutes. The symmetries in my various arrangements would then be a reflextion of those rules
- Easy to construe. Nearly impossible to decode -.
. - Mare liberum -.


 Phaistos disc alias the Minoan calendar