A modern hoax? A desperate attempt was made by mobbing the floor with my discovery, to try to explain away the unfolding of the inscription ; Going: Then the disc must be a modern hoax, and an awkward case, which should be hushed up by all means. be sure to make the disguise waterproof - As if the feat of decipherment was less "a red letter day" by that reason. - No, the real reason that my discovery was pigeonholed from the start, was the envier's hard wish to reduce the one person, who so had the 'luck' and the skills to look through to the solution of a nearly impossible problem, an enigma with one-hundred years anniversary .- An hoax or not, the Phaistos disc was still " the worldchampion of all sudoku's".
Red signs, It seems likely, that the isolated stemsigns, besides of the 70 stems, are abbreviations. If this is the case, you can approach this problem of the identities of 'the unvisible signs' in many ways. The above illustration is one of my favourites ..