This figure mainly shows, how the two central numbers of 61 sign-groups and 244 signs naturally will be grafted into another quite different calendar. This time without using the otherwise logic method of (abbreviated) stems, and eliminating too, the somehow illusive seventeen thorns, but still relying on the two decisive initial dividers as real signs.
In my conception of this inscribed disc, it simply swarms with calendar ciphers. Present in what ever level you try.
When first a valid calendar of systems is detected it will manifest itself, through reflexions, in many different outlooks. Such as my "fleur-de-lis calendar". The essential twenty nine units of the "gnomonical arrangement". "The step-pyramid", et cetera.
The discovery of the internal proof of the number 5.5 fill you with thw exactly same feeling (of eureka), as do the answering key, to any other mathematical problem, when you find it. For instance a sudoku: What ever direction you count, it fits!
Hørt i børnehaven: Øv, det vidste vi da osse godt. Vi ville bare ikke sige det til nogen.